Why Cloud Call Center Software Would Be Only Choice In 2017

What will be the future of cloud call center software in 2017? What are the products, features, services, opportunities and benefits will be provided by cloud vendors? Old premise call center software with physical infrastructure, more hardware and software expenses and servers expense too. Will premise call center vendor be provide their services in 2017? If yes then… Read More »

Which Are The Best Anonymous VPN Providers

A Virtual Private Network is the best tool to protect your online privacy and security while you browse the Internet. No matter if you are at home or on the road using public Wi-Fi, the best VPNs combine cost-effective prices with topnotch security features that make worth your money and trust. However, not all VPNs are created equal… Read More »

Top 5 Essential Skills to be a Tech Leader

Are you already a tech manager and finding it difficult to get results from your team of computer programmers? Or is it your first time to fill in manager’s shoes via promotion or a new company? Or are you gunning to be a tech leader someday? This is only possible if you master both tech and people skills.… Read More »

Mercedes Has Plans To Launch Fleet Of New EVs

With regards to electrical automobiles, the first company that comes in mind is Tesla which has definitely brought a new concept of driving, but Mercedes-Benz is challenging to compete because they have verified their programs at producing much more EVs. The preliminary report arrived from Bloomberg who noted that the company has programs to challenge Tesla launching a… Read More »

Top 10 Smartest Smartphone Gadgets

Smartphones are getting smarter by the hour and, today, it seems as if there is no limitation to their capabilities. Whenever they meet an obstacle that seems impassable, someone comes up with a new feature or a new application that helps these devices to easily overcome it. Still, these are not the only two ways in which smartphones… Read More »

How to Make Your Workplace a Text-Free Zone

While employers try to make sure that their employees are continuously being watched, which happens to be an incredibly hard task unless they have only a handful of employees to look after. Most businesses work hard to make sure that the number of hours an employee puts into working for them add up with the quotient of their… Read More »